About Eagle Nest Depot, Thank You for Being Here

About Eagle Nest Depot, Thank You for Being Here

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 (We feel like we are alone out here, but fortunately there are American Patriots to comfort us, pick us up when we fall, support us along the way.  Thank you for being with us.  America First!)

About us

Eagle Nest Depot is an e-commerce retailer with an emphasis on American-made products.  We are established in Gwinnett County, Georgia and operating out of same local area.

The idea of "Buy American-made" was not new.  It has been bandied about a lot, and talked about often, but very little has been done about it.  Mega-corporations did their best to ship jobs overseas, and bring cheap shoddy goods back to American soil to crush what was left.  Gradually, we saw the loss of American jobs following by the loss of American skills and eventually the loss of American manufacturing capability.  Most people were saddened, but not able to do much.  Some cheered.  Our politicians on both sides of the aisle didn't help either.

In the midst of gloom and doom, there is a number of American entrepreneurs and their workers doggedly fighting to keep American manufacturing alive.  We appreciate their valiant effort.  We admire their indominable spirit.  And we feel it is time to lend them a hand.

We strongly believe in American workers and American entrepreneurs.  By keeping manufacturing in the United States, we support American jobs and American families, and contribute to our community.

Thank you for visiting.  And thank you for supporting American workers and American businesses.

Go USA!!!

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